One Piece or Sectional?

Which option is best?

The most important fact to understand is that there is no difference between our one piece antenna and the sectional antenna when it comes to performance. Technical specifications are the same with a few
exceptions such as antenna weight and additional structural ribs for assembly of the sectional antenna.

Small DH antennas, up to 1.8m, are usually in one piece. They nest together so twenty of our six foot antennas fit in a box not much bigger than a single antenna box. Large antennas that ship as one piece become difficult to transport. Trucks and drivers are subject to DOT regulations and have limited hours of driving per day. All 5m one piece antennas require special oversize permits for each state they travel through. Forklifts and four to five people are required for physical removal at the site of one piece antennas delivered on the DH truck.

Regardless of the site, a DH Sectional antenna is a good fit for your antenna needs and is our first recommendation for your project.

One-Piece Antenna

One-piece antenna systems cost less, are installed quickly, and most are delivered directly by DH Satellite (midwest only).

Delivery Information

  • OTR delivery up to 3.7m for one-piece antennas
  • Additional costs & factors that are associated with one-piece antennas include:
    • Wood racks for transporting with OTR
    • DH truck delivery
    • Forklifts are required
    • Must be willing to work on the factory shipping schedule
    • Special oversize permits for delivery of one-piece 5m antennas are required
    • 3.7m and larger antennas are not available for export as one-piece antennas

Sectional Antenna

Sections are easier to handle during installation, reduce the cost of shipping, and have more export options.

Sectional antenna info:

  • Can build the antenna on the mount
  • Ribs add additional strength to antenna
  • Lead times are short
  • Avoid use of heavy equipment and possible distortion when installing
  • Sectional antennas ship with common carriers allowing for additional delivery options such as lift gates, appointment, limited access, etc.
  • Lead times are typically 10 days ARO, however, varies on demand
  • Sectional antennas allow for EXPORT with LTL or container loads and require special ISPM15 compliant wood packing at an additional fee.